Make sure you installed everything correctly.


A guided tutorial was created for a workshop on Monte Carlo methods.

Citing PyMultiNest

Please cite MultiNest, the algorithm used for computation.

If you find PyMultiNest enables your research, please consider citing my publication to give back for the time I invested:

Buchner et al. 2014, A&A (BibTex there)

In this paper, I introduce the software package officially, and apply the methodology of applying MultiNest to X-ray spectral analysis.

Using PyMultiNest with MPI

Install the mpi4py python library. You can obtain it via your package manager or via the python installer (pip or the older easy_install).

Once installed, run your python program with:

mpiexec -n 4 python

PyMultiNest detects that it is run with multiple cores and will load the “libmultinest_mpi” library instead. No further modifications are necessary.