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This is the documentation for two python modules for Bayesian analysis, parameter estimation and model selection: pymultinest and pyapemost.

  • PyMultiNest interacts with MultiNest, a Nested Sampling Monte Carlo library.
  • PyAPEMoST interacts with APEMoST, a Markov Chain Monte Carlo inference engine.
  • PyCuba interacts with cuba, a library for various numerical integration methods.

Get PyMultiNest

Follow the instructions in the installation guide.

You can download the source code from the code repository.

Citing PyMultiNest

Please cite MultiNest <pymultinest> and Cuba <pycuba> accordingly, depending on which algorithm you connect your Python program to using this package.

If you find PyMultiNest enables your research, please consider citing my publication to give back for the time I invested:

Buchner et al. 2014, A&A (BibTex there)

In this paper, I introduce the software package officially, and apply the methodology of applying MultiNest to X-ray spectral analysis.

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